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#1 Cause of Mold

#1 Cause of Mold

#1 Cause of Mold

As a licensed Mold Inspector, the most common cause of mold that I see is from a house not being dried out properly after water damage occurs. Many times the home owner will tell me that they “dried it out themselves” or “there wasn’t that much water”.  

This is an expensive mistake to make because your home owners insurance is most likely not going to cover the mold damage at that point. Your insurance would have paid for a restoration company like Disaster Masters to professionally mitigate the water damage when it occurred.

Anytime your home experiences any form of water damage it is important and FREE for Disaster Masters to come inspect the damage. We will put a mitigation plan together and even help you file an insurance claim. From that point we will work directly with your insurance company to make sure that everything is dried out properly and in most cases the only out of pocket cost you will incur is your deductible. 

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