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Mold Testing and Removal for Little Rock, AR

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Has your property recently been subjected to excess moisture? Water damage and even extremely humid conditions can lead to mold growth in and around a structure, which, in turn, leads to structural degradation and harmful health effects. Homeowners and business owners alike in Little Rock, AR, can count on the experts at Disaster Masters to provide accurate mold testing and precise mold removal.

Mold Testing

Our team comprises experts in the field of mold detection. We perform both a visual and an infrared inspection to locate mold in your home or business. Our infrared scanners allow us to detect microscopic mold outbreaks, along with anything that is behind walls or below surfaces. We accurately locate the mold so that we don’t have to take any extra time or expense cleaning other areas of the property.

Mold Removal

Once we have located the mold, our team will get to work blocking off the affected areas so that mold spores cannot continue to spread. We will then use industrial fans to remove any remaining moisture from the area in order to discourage further mold growth. We then clean what we can and remove that which is beyond repair so that mold can be eradicated from the structure.

If your mold removal also requires restoration, we’ll be happy to oblige. If you would like to book one of our services or learn more, call us at (501) 441-4087 or fill out our contact form.

Mold Testing and Removal in Little Rock, AR | Disaster Masters