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Mold Testing Services in Benton, AR

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A mold infestation in your Benton, AR, home or business can sneak up and surprise you very quickly. As the mold festers, it can quickly grow and cause health hazards and the need for costly repairs. The good news is, when you suspect — or confirm — a mold presence on your property, you can call the mold remediation experts at Disaster Masters right away for mold testing and other vital services.

What to Look For

There are a few hints that suggest you may have a mold problem. Small water leaks — or any time you have water damage — or visible discoloration of your home’s walls, floor, or ceiling are a good place to start. Also be aware of any foul, musty odors. Lastly, the most important sign of mold is if you actually can see the mold colony.

Before your mold problem worsens, have the Disaster Masters team come perform mold testing. We’ll be able to pinpoint the location of your mold troubles and then perform mold remediation to eliminate the problem and restore your home to its pre-mold state once again.

For high-quality mold and restoration services in the Benton, AR, area, call the Disaster Masters team at (501) 441-4087.

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