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Mold Testing Services in Malvern, AR

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If you have mold inside your home or business, the best thing to do is immediate mold remediation. This protects your home and your family from potential illnesses and ensures you have a safe place to live and work in. If you suspect your Malvern, AR, home or business has a mold infestation, get in touch with the team at Disaster Masters for mold testing and remediation.

Our Process

We strive to make our mold remediation process meticulous and efficient. We perform mold testing to first locate the source of your mold problem. From there, we work diligently to remove the problem through a careful process of cleaning, scrubbing, and deodorizing. Following the cleaning and sanitizing, we move on to restoration so your home or business looks good as new once again.

To prevent your mold infestation from turning into a bigger and more costly issue, take a proactive start and contact the Disaster Master experts for reliable mold testing services. We’ll help ensure your home or business is once again a healthy environment to be in.

For mold testing in Malvern, AR, give us a call at (501) 441-4087. You can also contact us through our online message form. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with mold solutions.

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