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Start To Finish Restoration

Disaster Masters Will Also Reconstruct Your Damaged Home

With a simple Google search, you will see that there are many companies that will assist you when your house gets flooded. The important thing to know about Disaster Masters is that we are the only restoration company that will also rebuild your home after we dry it out.

There are 2 distinct phases to a water loss. The first phase is drying out everything that can be dried, and removing everything that the water has damaged beyond repair. In most cases this includes drywall, particle board trim, particle board cabinets, flooring, and sometimes even the subfloor. Phase 2 is building everything back like it was before the flood.

Phase 2 is what sets Disaster Masters apart from other restoration companies. Other companies don’t do it all, and we just so happen to be very good at it! We have project managers, carpenters, sheetrock finishers, flooring installers, and painters ON STAFF!  I’m sure you’ve heard about how difficult it is to find a good remodeling contractor these days. The good ones are booked out for MONTHS, and the bad ones…well they are everywhere.

Imagine having to live in your house with missing trim, cabinets, and sheetrock, while you sit on a contractor’s waiting list for 6 months. That doesn’t happen when you call Disaster Masters! From the first moment we step foot into your house, our goal is to make your home BETTER THAN BEFORE as quickly as possible!

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