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When A Nightmare Comes To Life

When A Nightmare Comes To Life

It’s 3 a.m.

Just like every other night, your bladder awakens you

You curse the thought of having to get out of that warm comfy bed

You doze back off, and your dream takes you to a beautiful white sandy beach

Your most favorite person in the world is walking down the beach with you hand in hand

The breeze hitting your face is a perfect 78 degrees

Absolute perfection until….

Again, Your bladder says WAKE UP

So, against your will, you throw back the covers

Swing your legs out off of the mattress and as your feet hit the floor, your brain says, I must still be dreaming

There is no way that my feet being in 3 inches of water could be reality

You reach over and turn on the lamp

Your eyes see water covering the bedroom floor, but your sleepy brain refuses to believe it

You finally reach down and touch it with your fingers before you realize that it is real

Your bedroom floor is really covered in water

Your scream awakens your bed partner in the most unpleasant of ways

They take a look, but think that they are dreaming

After a moment of disbelief

The reality of water covering the floor freaks them out

You look at each other

You both look at the floor

You look back at each other and

Simultaneously, you say


If you ever find yourself in a scenario such as this, instead of questioning “What do we do?”, please shout “Call Disaster Masters”

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