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What To Expect, When You Are Expecting…. Us

What To Expect, When You Are Expecting…. Us

The guys in the photo are us…A’s gymnastics team. Hah

We are not that good looking or in shape, but we do have super hero abilities when it comes to saving your home. If your house is taking on water, we are who you want to signal.

The water’s goal is to destroy everything it can touch! Our goal is to eliminate it before it does. From the moment you call Disaster Masters, our sole focus is to make sure that the water loses. This is not a simple process, but we are experts! We have perfected our skills through years of experience and we aren’t afraid to use them!

Our professional staff and state of the art equipment are on standby and ready for action. As soon as we receive a call for assistance, the wheels of restoration are put into motion. To be as effective as possible, we will need detailed information from you. Details and photos will help us bring the correct equipment and staff. This will help us get the project off to the best start possible.

Most water loses take 4-8 days to complete, depending on the size and the type of materials that we are dealing with. Our team will communicate those expectations to you on the front end and will clearly and consistently communicate with you throughout the project. 

A portion of this communication will involve your insurance company. If you have home owners insurance, in most cases our services are paid for directly by the insurance company. We will work with the insurance adjuster and get their input as we proceed with the drying out process.

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